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2014/15 Academic Year

Project Coordinator - Dr. Edward Lazaros - Ball State University





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Mentors, WSI Teachers, and CTE Directors should visit the buttons on the left.

Blackboard Online Course Access: Blackboard online course link

The WSI teacher's user name will be xt_firstinitiallastname and the password will be the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.  In some instances common last names will have a number after them. Access will be available the first night of the training.

Suicide Prevention Training Information:  

Mentor Information:

Note that all WSI teachers must be assigned a mentor and this information is required on the registration form, so it is critical that CTE directors assign the mentor prior to registration.  (This includes those repeating the training program.) Directors and other administrators are not allowed to serve as mentors. Mentors are required to attend the 2nd live remote site session indicated on the calendar.  Mentors must fax (765) 285-2162 an IRS-W9 by September 1 to qualify for payment.  Additional Mentor information is accessible via "Mentor Info" button on the left side of this page.

Indiana-ACTE Conference Information:

Note that attendance for Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20 at the 2014 CTE Professional Development Conference is mandatory for all WSI teachers, but not for mentors.  Please arrive September 19 by 7:30 for conference registration.  Please make sure that you pick up your registration materials at the conference registration desk.  This will document your attendance at the conference.  Attend the WSI session on Friday at 8:00AM.  During this presentation, you will be provided additional information regarding which sessions that you must attend.  Following the WSI session, you should attend the opening session which will be at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. 

With registration to at least the two day CTE conference, WSI teachers will automatically receive one free year membership to Indiana-ACTE.  First register for the conference online. Just be sure to select WSI from the drop down menu during the registration process. You will then be given directions and a code to complete your free membership.

All conference registrations must be made online.  WSI teachers must pay a conference registration fee.  Payments can be made using a credit card, by check or by requesting an invoice if the school has approved to pay.  The following options are available:

1.    Combo: New Teacher Summit AND Two Day Conference:  WSI instructors are encouraged to attend the New Teacher Summit on September 18, in addition to the two day CTE conference.  This all day workshop is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Education and is specifically designed for first year teachers (However, teachers with less than three years of experience may attend).  Valuable resources will be distributed.  Visit this website for details:   You can register at the site:   Just follow the instructions. The Combo fee for the New Teacher Summit and the Two Day Conference is $100.00 up until September 5 and from September 6-12 the fee will be $175.00.  Registration will close on the 12th. To be awarded the free Indiana-ACTE membership and the "member" rate, be sure to indicate “WSI for the type of member from the drop down menu in the conference registration

2.    Two Day CTE Conference OnlyFor WSI instructors who are attending only the two day conference register at The "member" fee is $90.00 up until September 5 and from September 6-12 the fee is $165.00.  Registration will close on the 12th. To be awarded the "member" rate and the free Indiana-ACTE membership, be sure to indicate WSI for the type of member from the drop down menu in the conference registration  

For those who will have their registration fee paid for by their school corporation through a P.O. process:  

·      There will be an opportunity to indicate that you will be paying with an invoice on the payment page.  Be sure to provide the email address of the person to receive the invoice.  An invoice will automatically be sent to the information you provide. 

·      You will be registered for the conference at that point, regardless of whether or not the sending school has paid the fee.  However, it is essential to obtain prior approval from your school to ensure payment.  If you fail to obtain prior approval and the school refuses to pay your fee, you will be held responsible for payment.

For those who will be paying their registration with a personal check:  There will be an opportunity to print the form and directions as to where to send the check.

Substitute Teacher Reimbursement:  If your school hires a substitute teacher for you to attend the Two-Day CTE Conference and/or The New Teacher Summit, your school can be reimbursed for such costs.  You will receive the appropriate reimbursement request form when you submit your completed evaluation form to the registration desk at the end of the conference.  It is your responsibility to obtain and complete the form.  Only requests that are submitted within the deadline will be honored.  Some schools will hold the teacher responsible for reimbursement if the form is not completed within the deadline.

Repeater Information:

WSI repeaters must personally pay a $1,000 fee for the training.  This is non-refundable if the teacher withdraws from the training.  A money order must made out to Ball State University and mailed by September 1st to: 

Dr. Edward J. Lazaros
Department of Technology
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Withdrawal Information:

If you must withdraw from the WSI training for any reason, you must click on the Withdrawal button on this page and fill out a withdrawal form.


Project Coordinator:
Dr. Edward Lazaros
Department of Technology, Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306-0255
765-285-5647 Fax 765-285-2162 or

Alternate BSU contact:
Dr. Sam Cotton, 765-285-5641,